AVEVA Unified Supply Chain 2021.2 Release

Release date: June 8, 2021

What is the solution?
AVEVA Unified Supply Chain (formerly Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management) is the only truly unified platform for process industry supply chain management. Designed from the ground up to simplify, standardize and accelerate feedstock management, trading, plant and network optimization, scheduling and process unit monitoring, AVEVA Unified Supply Chain is a single source of knowledge allowing enterprises to share and communicate decisions between diverse teams, promoting collaboration and discussion across global locations.

What challenge does AVEVA Unified Supply Chain address?
The energy industry faces a high level of market volatility. Lack of visibility into the supply chain led to the inability to react in real-time to market changes. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain helps customers gain visibility into their business and operations to quickly understand how various scenarios impact their value chain. AVEVA is committed to helping you quickly navigate these uncertain times to function safely, efficiently and reliably. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain helps improve and optimize workflows in small and large enterprises. Flexible and modern integration mechanisms make working with existing business systems and processes simple, with easy access to underlying data and results, whilst still retaining the security and versioning model used to ensure consistency between colleagues.

What is included in this soluton?
AVEVA Unified Supply Chain consists of modules for planning, scheduling, assay management and supply distribution that can share the same information promoting an understanding of the entire plant and of the business. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain utilizes common data, models, and user management to promote collaboration and visibility across the supply chain.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain helps customers gain visibility into their business and operations to quickly understand how various scenarios impact their value chain.

What is new in this release?
There are several enahncements within AVEVA Unified Supply Chain 2021.2 including:


  • Improved navigation pane, with more intuitive page ordering and new search capabilities
  • Added a slider to show only a part of the schedule period, improving simulation performance
  • Pipeline blends now support indirect destinations
  • Added a prompt to avoid accidentally replacing an override.

Plan and Network

  • The Flowsheet pane can now be undocked and displayed separately, increasing ease of use and productivity
  • On the flowsheet, highlighting of active alerts and validation issues can be enabled separately
  • New Alerts pane listing active warning and error alerts
  • Added a Classification column to all diagnostic panes, for easy management and filtering of diagnostic messages
  • New optional feature to publish model data in standard XML or JSON format
  • Assay recutting now automatically triggered when optimizing Network cases


  • Real-Time Crude now supports the workup of assays for unknown crudes and blends using IR spectra
  • Installers for new clients are now entirely standardized, and installers for existing clients will also be standardized following a one-off migration process in their next upgrade
  • Registration of the Assay SDK (Software Development Kit) has been made more robust upon installation
  • Update to ensure ongoing compatibility with the latest versions of PRO/II.

Learn more about AVEVA Unified Supply Chain here. For any questions about this new offer, feel free to reach out to us at 513-353-1800 or via our website.