AVEVA Recipe Management 2020 Release

Release date: June 7, 2021

What is AVEVA Recipe Management?

AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) Recipe Management is a commercial off-the-shelf digital recipe management and recipe execution software for manufacturing operations. It secures consistency in product quality and processes while increasing operational efficiency and plant throughput. It does this through recipe execution automation and faster product changeover and equipment setup processes. The automation system-neutral software enables standardization and central management of product formulations for use in multiple production locations and is designed for operational team collaboration to deploy and adopt new or changed recipes faster on the shop floor.

The software offers a rich, ready-to-use web-based user interface for recipe management and execution with strong governance functionality, including configurable role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals, electronic signatures, and an electronic change and execution history record.

OPC UA and integration with AVEVA System Platform is offered to integrate with most production equipment control systems.



What is included in the offering?

The software offers two solution options for either formula management and equipment parameter download (Standard Edition), or additionally for recipe management and procedure execution automation (Professional Edition):

  • Formula Management and Download enables fast and consistent equipment set up – the key to increased flexibility and for managing more product variation for many manufacturing processes.
  • Recipe Management and Execution provides recipe execution automation and repeatability of recipe procedures on production units, work cells or production lines for batch-oriented and hybrid processes.


Why AVEVA Recipe Management?

Our software helps process engineers, recipe administrators, and plant operators efficiently manage more product variations and execute product changeover processes securely and quickly for more recipe flexibility while maintaining production output performance.

Automation of Recipe execution and consistent download of formula parameter values enforces repeatable product quality to recipe specification.

Role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals for production use, and electronic history records provide governance to secure consistency of quality and processes and lowers the cost of regulatory compliance, including functionality supporting the creation of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or cGMP compliant implementations.

The control system-neutral software allows for a recipe management standardization in manufacturing operations across heterogeneous automation system landscapes. The software manages formulas and procedures independently, to develop and manage product formulations centrally for being used in multiple production locations. Such standardization of recipe management across equipment, process cells or even production lines, helps to speed up the new product introduction process and to achieve a faster time to market.

Learn more about AVEVA Recipe Management here. For any questions about this new offer, feel free to reach out to us at 513-353-1800 or via our website.