AVEVA Enterprise Data Management 2021 Release

Release date: May 26, 2021

AVEVA Enterprise Data Management (formerly eDNA Enterprise Data Management) is an enterprise real-time data management software platform. It collects, stores, displays, analyzes, and reports on operational and asset health information to quickly transform real-time data into actionable insights.



AVEVA Enterprise Data Management 2021 release includes:

  • AVEVA Insight Ready: Get actionable insights from anywhere, anytime on any device with AVEVA Insight. We have completely rewritten the integration from AVEVA Enterprise Data Management to AVEVA Insight to make it simpler and more intuitive. This provides easy-to-use visualization, enhanced collaboration and world-class analytics.
  • Modern Web UX: Building on the AVEVA Historian Client Web capability introduced last year, we’re expanding this browser-based access to data. This provides an on-premises modern user experience that is consistent with AVEVA Insight.
  • Enhanced Security: We are committed to market leading cybersecurity and are continuously enhancing each
    release to address the latest threats. Ensure you upgrade to the latest version of our most recent developments
    to continually mitigate risk, reduce potential attacks and minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Up to Date: We fully support Microsoft’s latest operating systems and SQL Server releases: Windows Server 2019
    LTSC, Windows 10 1909 and later, SQL Server 2017 and later editions.

Learn more about AVEVA Enterprise Data Management here. For any questions about this new offer, feel free to reach out to us at 513-353-1800 or via our website.