Release date: August 2, 2021

About the product

AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System (formerly Wonderware MES) connects people, equipment, and processes across any industrial manufacturing plant. This solution is designed to efficiently manage, execute, document, and continuously improve operational processes and all material flow. AVEVA’s model-driven MES is work process-centric, meaning it digitalizes operational best practices for reuse, sustainable standardization of processes, KPI’s and reporting. It also has the ability to adapt to change in plant deployments and to further reduce the time to value and cost of ownership for multi-site MES rollouts across manufacturing networks.

What’s new in this release?

Model-driven application content is provided as AVEVA Work Tasks import packages which include preconfigured forms and underlying workflow models for executing MES activities. The model-driven application content 4.0 release adds new equipment utilization and performance monitor content, new quality sample management content, additional enhancements for existing content, and package installation improvements. A new AVEVA Work Tasks 2020 U1 Connector for AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System 2020 has been released in support of this content release and MES 2020 Patch 01 including two additional MES reports being able to provide Line Performance Solution equivalent runtime functionality with today’s AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System capabilities and application content.

Visit the AVEVA MES page for more information.

Release date: August 10, 2021

AVEVA Plant SCADA 2020 R2 is here! Previously named Citect SCADA, AVEVA Plant SCADA makes plant information accessible from anywhere, securely, with the addition of Industrial Graphics, OPC-UA Server, and IPv6 networking.

New features and enhancements
AVEVA Plant SCADA 2020 R2 offers the following improvements:

  • Support for AVEVA Industrial Graphics
  • Improved connectivity with IPv6 and OPC-UA Server
  • Security enhancements

Visit the AVEVA Plant SCADA page for more information about the newest version.

Release date: June 24, 2021

What is the product?
AVEVA Unified Learning provides cloud access to AVEVA’s vast portfolio of training and simulation applications. It creates a cohesive learning experience that can blend ready-to-use options with tailor-made solutions. AVEVA Unified Learning takes workers through the complete learning cycle – Learn, Practice, Assess, and Reinforce – while helping companies track workforce competence and the effect on operational excellence. It addresses the root causes of performance rather than the symptoms so that operators perform better in less time.



What’s new in this release?
Users can now access AVEVA Unified Learning as a single, integrated service through our common cloud platform, AVEVA™ Connect. It now includes an easy to use learning management interface, and it can include one or more of the following technologies depending on customer needs:

  • Generic simulators and eLearning
  • Process Competency Training
  • Pipeline Competency Training
  • OEG Knowledge Library
  • Customized solutions
  • AVEVA™ Operator Training Simulator
  • AVEVA™ XR for Training

Learn more about AVEVA Unified Learning here.

Release date: June 8, 2021

What is the solution?
AVEVA Unified Supply Chain (formerly Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management) is the only truly unified platform for process industry supply chain management. Designed from the ground up to simplify, standardize and accelerate feedstock management, trading, plant and network optimization, scheduling and process unit monitoring, AVEVA Unified Supply Chain is a single source of knowledge allowing enterprises to share and communicate decisions between diverse teams, promoting collaboration and discussion across global locations.

What challenge does AVEVA Unified Supply Chain address?
The energy industry faces a high level of market volatility. Lack of visibility into the supply chain led to the inability to react in real-time to market changes. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain helps customers gain visibility into their business and operations to quickly understand how various scenarios impact their value chain. AVEVA is committed to helping you quickly navigate these uncertain times to function safely, efficiently and reliably. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain helps improve and optimize workflows in small and large enterprises. Flexible and modern integration mechanisms make working with existing business systems and processes simple, with easy access to underlying data and results, whilst still retaining the security and versioning model used to ensure consistency between colleagues.

What is included in this soluton?
AVEVA Unified Supply Chain consists of modules for planning, scheduling, assay management and supply distribution that can share the same information promoting an understanding of the entire plant and of the business. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain utilizes common data, models, and user management to promote collaboration and visibility across the supply chain.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain helps customers gain visibility into their business and operations to quickly understand how various scenarios impact their value chain.

What is new in this release?
There are several enahncements within AVEVA Unified Supply Chain 2021.2 including:


  • Improved navigation pane, with more intuitive page ordering and new search capabilities
  • Added a slider to show only a part of the schedule period, improving simulation performance
  • Pipeline blends now support indirect destinations
  • Added a prompt to avoid accidentally replacing an override.

Plan and Network

  • The Flowsheet pane can now be undocked and displayed separately, increasing ease of use and productivity
  • On the flowsheet, highlighting of active alerts and validation issues can be enabled separately
  • New Alerts pane listing active warning and error alerts
  • Added a Classification column to all diagnostic panes, for easy management and filtering of diagnostic messages
  • New optional feature to publish model data in standard XML or JSON format
  • Assay recutting now automatically triggered when optimizing Network cases


  • Real-Time Crude now supports the workup of assays for unknown crudes and blends using IR spectra
  • Installers for new clients are now entirely standardized, and installers for existing clients will also be standardized following a one-off migration process in their next upgrade
  • Registration of the Assay SDK (Software Development Kit) has been made more robust upon installation
  • Update to ensure ongoing compatibility with the latest versions of PRO/II.

Learn more about AVEVA Unified Supply Chain here. For any questions about this new offer, feel free to reach out to us at 513-353-1800 or via our website.

Release date: May 26, 2021

AVEVA Enterprise Data Management (formerly eDNA Enterprise Data Management) is an enterprise real-time data management software platform. It collects, stores, displays, analyzes, and reports on operational and asset health information to quickly transform real-time data into actionable insights.



AVEVA Enterprise Data Management 2021 release includes:

  • AVEVA Insight Ready: Get actionable insights from anywhere, anytime on any device with AVEVA Insight. We have completely rewritten the integration from AVEVA Enterprise Data Management to AVEVA Insight to make it simpler and more intuitive. This provides easy-to-use visualization, enhanced collaboration and world-class analytics.
  • Modern Web UX: Building on the AVEVA Historian Client Web capability introduced last year, we’re expanding this browser-based access to data. This provides an on-premises modern user experience that is consistent with AVEVA Insight.
  • Enhanced Security: We are committed to market leading cybersecurity and are continuously enhancing each
    release to address the latest threats. Ensure you upgrade to the latest version of our most recent developments
    to continually mitigate risk, reduce potential attacks and minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Up to Date: We fully support Microsoft’s latest operating systems and SQL Server releases: Windows Server 2019
    LTSC, Windows 10 1909 and later, SQL Server 2017 and later editions.

Learn more about AVEVA Enterprise Data Management here. For any questions about this new offer, feel free to reach out to us at 513-353-1800 or via our website.

Release date: June 7, 2021

What is AVEVA Recipe Management?

AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) Recipe Management is a commercial off-the-shelf digital recipe management and recipe execution software for manufacturing operations. It secures consistency in product quality and processes while increasing operational efficiency and plant throughput. It does this through recipe execution automation and faster product changeover and equipment setup processes. The automation system-neutral software enables standardization and central management of product formulations for use in multiple production locations and is designed for operational team collaboration to deploy and adopt new or changed recipes faster on the shop floor.

The software offers a rich, ready-to-use web-based user interface for recipe management and execution with strong governance functionality, including configurable role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals, electronic signatures, and an electronic change and execution history record.

OPC UA and integration with AVEVA System Platform is offered to integrate with most production equipment control systems.



What is included in the offering?

The software offers two solution options for either formula management and equipment parameter download (Standard Edition), or additionally for recipe management and procedure execution automation (Professional Edition):

  • Formula Management and Download enables fast and consistent equipment set up – the key to increased flexibility and for managing more product variation for many manufacturing processes.
  • Recipe Management and Execution provides recipe execution automation and repeatability of recipe procedures on production units, work cells or production lines for batch-oriented and hybrid processes.


Why AVEVA Recipe Management?

Our software helps process engineers, recipe administrators, and plant operators efficiently manage more product variations and execute product changeover processes securely and quickly for more recipe flexibility while maintaining production output performance.

Automation of Recipe execution and consistent download of formula parameter values enforces repeatable product quality to recipe specification.

Role-based security, automatic item versioning, approvals for production use, and electronic history records provide governance to secure consistency of quality and processes and lowers the cost of regulatory compliance, including functionality supporting the creation of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or cGMP compliant implementations.

The control system-neutral software allows for a recipe management standardization in manufacturing operations across heterogeneous automation system landscapes. The software manages formulas and procedures independently, to develop and manage product formulations centrally for being used in multiple production locations. Such standardization of recipe management across equipment, process cells or even production lines, helps to speed up the new product introduction process and to achieve a faster time to market.

Learn more about AVEVA Recipe Management here. For any questions about this new offer, feel free to reach out to us at 513-353-1800 or via our website.

Release date: May 20, 2021

What is the product?
MDT AutoSave for System Platform (A4SP) complements AVEVA System Platform with unparalleled change management, lowering risk and improving version control. MDT AutoSave for System Platform is an AVEVA Endorsed Partner software product from MDT Software.

What’s new in the release?

  • New licensing for both System Platform 2020 and 2020 R2 called ‘A4SP Premier’ which is independent of I/O count of the galaxy being supported. No additional GR Access licenses are required with A4SP 5.0 on System Platform 2020 or v5.01 on SP 2020 R2. In addition, there is no longer a requirement to have an AVEVA Development Studio license reside on the GR node for A4SP 5.x to run, but the customer does still need to install IDE from the System Platform installation media on the GR Node, or anywhere an A4SP Client is installed.
  • Template containment is now tracked. For example, in the template toolbox, moving an object under another object (as a sub-object in the tree) will not trigger a new revision with this information.
  • ModifiedGraphicOnly changes are now tracked by A4SP, as indicated in the Change Log.
  • ViewAppNamespace, Widgets, and ExternalContent objects created in the Graphic Toolbox are now represented in the Graphic Toolbox of the A4SP Client as expected.
  • Date/Time formats now respect the regional settings of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • See system requirements for new A4SP minimums starting with A4SP 5.0, including: Client OS: Windows 10, AutoSave Server OS: Windows 2012(R2)
  • Other internal enhancements, updates, and improvements
  • Learn more about AutoSave for System Platform here. For any questions about this new subscription offer, feel free to reach out to us at 513-353-1800 or via our website.

Release date: May 10, 2021

What is the product?

AVEVA Operations Control brings the software your teams need to operate at their best. Give all your users actionable information to drive better decisions in real-time to excel and drive increased operational efficiency, reliability, and agility with a cohesive and sustainable software framework.

This new, unlimited offer represents a change in helping speed up time to value through seamless accessibility to AVEVA’s robust portfolio, going beyond HMI and SCADA to include manufacturing execution, analytics, and rich cloud-based capabilities that unlock greater insight and collaboration.

Every team, whether on the plant floor, in the control room, or operating across the enterprise, is empowered to do more, in alignment with each other. Build your foundation towards operational excellence with AVEVA Operations Control.

What’s new in this release?
Three core packages (Edge, Supervisory, and Enterprise) provide all the tools necessary for Plant/Field, Control Room, and Enterprise teams to drive actionable information, collaborate effectively, and accelerate their operational excellence. Add-on packages for Manufacturing Execution and AVEVA Insight, Guided Analytics, provide functionality including MES, workflow management, and AI.

Learn more about AVEVA Flex Subscription here. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 513-353-1800 or via our website.