Save the date for our annual ATR Automation Conference at the Hard Rock Casino on October 11th. Get all the latest information on Wonderware AVEVA products including PI and our new advanced analytics solutions designed specifically for the industrial automation market.

Learn more and register for the event here.

Save the date for our annual ATR Automation Conference at the Hard Rock Casino on October 12th. Get all the latest information on Wonderware AVEVA products including PI and our new advanced analytics solutions designed specifically for the industrial automation market.

Learn more and register for the event here.

We are excited to announce that, after a year hiatus due to COVID-19, our user conference will be returning on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at the Hard Rock Casino in downtown Cincinnati. This free, one-day event will feature a keynote speech from AVEVA/Wonderware, 15+ breakout sessions and live demos, an exhibition hall with booths hosted by a variety of manufacturers and regional system integrators, a networking happy hour, and more.

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ATR is excited to be attending the upcoming One Water Ohio Exhibition at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Cincinnati. On July 27 and 28, we  will be hosting a booth with information on our latest water and wastewater offerings from AVEVA and Emerson Automation.

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We help our customers in the water and wastewater industry find new ways to improve operational efficiency and minimize costs, even in light of aging infrastructure and increasing regulatory requirements. Our solutions are reliable, affordable, and come with best-in-class support. Be sure to stop by our booth and learn more about what our systems can do for your organization.

For any questions about the event or our water and wastewater solutions, feel free to reach out to your salesperson or give us a call at 513-353-1800. We look forward to seeing you!

AVEVA recently announced that InduSoft Web Studio has officially joined its suite of software solutions. As the region’s select AVEVA distributor, we’re excited to be your new InduSoft provider.

During this transition, InduSoft Web Studio will eventually be taking on the new name AVEVA Edge. These products are functionally identical, but AVEVA Edge provides an updated look and feel, along with all the benefits of being a customer within the AVEVA Partner Network.

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In addition to the features and benefits available to you as an InduSoft customer, AVEVA has a significant amount of new offerings, including…

  • A wider selection of licensing options, including unlimited and subscription licensing
  • Larger support teams– InduSoft users now have access to the AVEVA support and services program known as AVEVA Customer FIRST
  • Native integration with AVEVA’s entire portfolio
  • A path to build upon previous investments and create state-of-the-art operations solutions

No upgrades are needed to continue to use your software. However, all future product releases and enhancements will be released under the AVEVA Edge name. Product procurement and support will be handled by ATR Automation, your local, full-portfolio AVEVA distributor.

Have questions? Reach out to us any time via our website, through email at contact@atrautomation, or by phone at 513-353-1800. We’re happy to help!

Last month, AVEVA hosted its third and most ambitious virtual customer conference. It included presentations from industry experts on topics such as IIoT, cloud, AI, and digital twin, in addition to technical sessions, interactive expo demos, and live networking. Overall, it was a tremendously successful event, showcasing how leading intelligent software solutions are reshaping engineering, operations, and performance.

Now the entire conference is available for viewing on-demand (even if you have yet to register!) With three days worth of content and 100+ industry panels, portfolio roadmaps, and product technology sessions, it can be difficult to know which recordings are worth revisiting. That’s why we asked a few of our experts here at ATR to rate and review a few of their favorite AVEVA World Digital sessions:

Digitize Lean Practices with AVEVA Discrete Lean Management | Wen Jian Lee, Portfolio Product Manager

Our rating: 85/100

AVEVA Product Manager Wen Jian Lee and his product team continue to deliver with their latest take on a classic topic in the discrete manufacturing universe. In this presentation, Lee pushes the boundaries of what can be accomplished by casting aside traditional paper-based, lean management systems, and takes the audience into a connected world of automated data collection, reporting, and display. Since it’s time on the market, critics in the appliance, automotive component, fabricated metal, plastics, and textile industries have given the AVEVA Discrete Lean Management solution glowing reviews. Utilizing an out-of-the-box solution with AVEVA Edge Technology, AVEVA DLM is an easy to use, powerful software solution to help the automation audience, everyone from operators to plant managers, understand the efficiency of their operations. Lee’s presentation, which is roughly 45 minutes long, guides us through multiple stages of automation and lean practices with an effective goal of improving a plant’s OEE.

His session begins with the backstory of why DLM is such a popular and powerful tool to utilize. Powered by AVEVA Edge, the product looks to displace and replace traditional methods of paper-based data collection and work order management. Utilizing over 250 built-in drivers, including an OPC UA server the Discrete Lean Management system can connect to any device on the plant floor. The use of HTML5 technology allows for a unique ability to display key production statistics, where traditional And-on screens are typically located. Lee shows us that the new way to utilize And-on screens is not only to show operator/ line performance but to also alert and notify operators and stakeholders of ongoing issues and to create an escalation path for the alarms. With an unlimited screen and tag system, Discrete Lean management really shows its scalability by allowing a plant to grow and also, to make their operators as aware of production performance as possible by using a built-in SMTP server to send out email and text notifications.

In the second part of the presentation, the product manager does a fantastic job of demonstrating the value of performance data collection by showing the audience some of the KPI’s which can be calculated. The ability to analyze from operator to machine to process to line to plant-based performance metrics with ease is a key feature. Again, using out of the box solutions displaying these statistics is easy to do with preconfigured templates to show managers metrics like OEE, OLE (Overall Labor Efficiency), MTBF, MTTR, and multiple production quality statistics like good part/ waste production.

As the presentation moves on, a newer topic of thought is introduced to the audience, in the form of work order management and instruction. Discrete Lean Management features the ability to save a central repository of documents to help operators and maintenance workers troubleshoot issues occurring on the line and uses a FTP file exchange system to connect to ERP systems for work order instruction and auditing. While not an unfamiliar plot topic with AVEVA, the product manager could have discussed how a new AVEVA Teamwork system could interact with the Discrete Lean Management solution (as ATR discusses in another review). Leaving the ending open for interpretation, Lee lets the audience explore where he might take the sequel and grow his Discrete Lean Management story. He lets the audience know that an Integration with AVEVA Insight looks to be a logical next step in using a cloud Historian to display a wider range of dashboards, performance statistics, and the ever popular, Asset Performance Management module. Also, he looks to expand his audience by integrating a material handling component to DLM.

Lee does an excellent job explaining the benefits of adopting AVEVA’s DLM solution. We’ve seen it with our customers here at ATR, like a global electronic component manufacturer in Lexington, Kentucky who noticed a 10% uptick in productivity and 70% faster response time to line issues. I give Discrete Lean Management a glowing review and one to Lee’s presentation as well.

Eric Niehauser, Technical Sales

Getting the Most out of AVEVA Insight: Tips, Tricks, and What’s New | Darren Fraser, Product Director & Brendan Joyce, Product Manager

Our rating: 75/100

This presentation was a great update on new features available in InSight, which is obviously a huge investment area for AVEVA. It was only about 25 minutes long, plus questions, but gave a good overview for users who might just be getting started with InSight and also those of us who want to know more about its new capabilities like Guided Analytics and Asset Library.

Darren Fraser, the Operational Cloud Product Director at AVEVA, hosts this presentation. Following the intro music (is that the theme to Stanger Things?), Darren gives a broad introduction to InSight, then gets right into new product feature demo about 5 minutes in.

The first demo that Darren shows is how to take your ArchestA graphics (now rebranded as Industrial Graphics) and input those into an InSight web dashboard. This is really nice because you can take advantage of the graphics you have already created in InTouch and export them to InSight. This includes things like tanks with color changes based on value, etc. Darren goes through the integration between WindowMaker and InSight and how to create dashboards using the Industrial (ArchestrA) graphics.

Following this demo, Darren and Brendan Joyce describe the new features that have been added to InSight over the past year.  This includes an asset management module, data analysis improvements, historical alarms, and mobile enhancements. A lot of people are interested in how AVEVA is implementing AI technology for industrial automation users, so Darren starts explaining the AI features available in InSight at around the 13-minute mark. There are four different analytics segments available to cover a variety of user needs. The easy-to-follow demo shows you how to create anomaly detection for specific tags and assets within InSight.

Overall, I think there are a lot of great new features available in InSight and it is clear that AVEVA will continue to improve upon and enhance this area of its portfolio in the future. It is an excellent product and, in my opinion, a worthwhile investment.

Kyle Murray, Sales and Marketing

How AVEVA Teamwork Utilizes Video and Collaboration to Reinforce Knowledge and Skills | Liz Spencer, TSC & Alvaro Martinez, Product Manager

Our rating: 100/100

AVEVA’s Liz Spencer and Alvaro Martinez give an excellent introduction to the new Teamwork solution in this presentation. They provide a “day-in-the-life” example of how an operator or supervisor would use Teamwork on the plant floor.

Teamwork is a cloud service that allows users within your organization to share information in a social media-like format to help break down silos of information and communication within the plant. Its goal is to connect workers with the tools they need to solve problems quickly, document solutions, and manage issues and skills. Teamwork helps drive continuous improvement by sharing images and videos to document problems, standardizing solutions, and making easily repeatable work instructions available to everyone who uses the system. The good news is that you can phase in the system for quick time to value, as it is a cloud service that requires no on-site infrastructure.

Overall, Teamwork seems like a promising new addition to the AVEVA portfolio. If you’re curious to learn more, I highly recommend watching the AVEVA World Digital presentation for a complete demo.

Mark Naegel, Technical Sales

You can register to watch these sessions, as well as the rest of the AVEVA World Digital Conference, on-demand until the end of the month here. If you have any questions about the event or AVEVA’s software solutions, please feel free to contact us. We would love to help!


We’re celebrating a new era of world-class industrial automation solutions.

In order to reflect the most recent evolution of our company, we have decided to change our go-to-market name. As such, we are proud to announce that we are now ATR Automation.

ATR has been in business for over 60 years and, in that time, we have constantly evolved. Starting out as a manufacturers’ rep called James W. Murray and Associates, we eventually grew into a full-line distributor for industrial electrical parts, PLCs and computers, and software solutions, thus becoming ATR Distributing. Nowadays, we do much more than just distributing—we’ve become the region’s most trusted provider for full high-tech industrial automation solutions.

We hope this update to our company’s name and look will give a clearer picture of who we are, a truly world-class automation solutions provider.

We will maintain our legal name, ATR Distributing Company, so this change will not have any effect on billing or invoicing. ATR Automation will be the go-to-market name for our automation solutions business to better reflect who we are, the products we sell, and the services we provide.

As the industrial automation software industry continues to grow, we look forward to serving you as ATR Automation.


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