AVEVA Teamwork

AVEVA Teamwork is the performance support application that is empowering workers to learn, solve problems, and share knowledge across an enterprise from the cloud.

High performing workforces must be engaged, well informed, and able to learn throughout their daily flow of work. As a performance support application, Teamwork enables organizations to do just that. This solution is rooted in a philosophy of continuous improvement, providing teams with video, imagery, documentation, and collaboration through a social media like feed.

Teamwork combines digital content, skills management, and communication features into a single, worker-centered application to support the unique needs of the plant floor. The result is a constantly updated knowledge base of best practices and training content, automatically shared with the workers who need them across shifts and global operations. Teamwork allows organizations to:

  • Standardize work instructions – Centralize a global knowledge base of procedures
  • Manage workforce skills – Deliver and track training programs to ensure maximum coverage and versatility
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems – Send out calls for help and empower operators to solve problems quickly
  • Support daily operations – Share important updates across shifts, departments, and plants

Learn more on AVEVA’s website.

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