AVEVA OMI for System Platform

The AVEVA OMI apps are extensive add-on capabilities that can be incorporated into displays to provide enhanced functionality. Some of the most popular apps for AVEVA System Platform are the Map OMI, Graphic Repeater OMI, and Insight OMI. There is a growing library of apps developed by both AVEVA and their partners available to download through their website.

Map OMI App

This app allows you to incorporate a zoomable world map into an OMI application and apply geographical context to operations content. It can be configured to show a defined area and utilize your map provider of choice  

Graphic Repeater OMI App

This helpful app allows you to pick any industrial graphic to visually represent data that would typically be shown in a table. It can be configured to repeat and sort the graphics in horizontal lists, vertical lists, or grids.

Insight OMI App

Utilizing AVEVA Insight’s artificial intelligence engine, this app automatically detects anomalies in your data and present this in a context-aware view for you operations team.

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