AVEVA Net is a powerful web-based information management solution for engineering and operations. It brings together information from multiple sources and in multiple formats, enabling all kinds of users to securely access, visualize, validate, and collaborate on the digital asset data.

AVEVA Net is cross-industry management that enables organizations to address many issues and requirements, such as…

  • Safety – more information about an environment helps understand and avoid risks
  • Handover– ongoing transition or handover of information between phases helps identify what inventory there is and where duplications may occur in the data
  • Integration – data is housed in a single environment, rather than in different formats in unconnected repositories
  • Access and retrieval – a single source of access to data using a distributed infrastructure better informs teams that are geographically dispersed
  • Security – information is only available to those authorized and qualified to access it, even at the most granular levels
  • Relationship between data—impact analysis tracks changes made throughout the design or operational workflow
  • As-built data – digital records better reflect the physical engineering or operational environment
  • Information quality and integrity – engineers are more able to ensure new information is complete and contains the correct elements to conform to project and operational standards

AVEVA NET’s capabilities are driven by the presence of the Digital Information Hub, a centralized, secure, collaborative data manager that is completely application neutral. Data of any type, produced using any program, can be managed within it and made accessibly and useful to any application. This is regardless of whether an application was built by AVEVA or a third party.

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