AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System

AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System (MES) aligns people and processes with advanced digital technologies for a cost-effective and consistent approach to manufacturing operations. It allows you to digitally manage business rules and capture information for all operational activities and plant events in real time. Our process-centric and model-driven strategy is proven to reduce time to value and cost of ownership, as well as improve upon standardization and efficiency.

What does AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System do?

  • Digitally transforms work management by providing the ability to define operational practices as digital workflows that cross over organizational and application boundaries
  • Deploys modular MES applications, the “right sized” solution to meet specific business needs
  • Standardizes operational work practices across a manufacturing enterprise, as well as cater to site-specific practices
  • Sustains and deploys new versions of standards in an agile and cost-effective manner
  • Provides a consistent user experience from desktop and mobile
  • Leverages a digital collaboration framework to coordinate people and/or applications in a consistent and governed manner
  • Centrally develops and manages corporate standards for MES/MOM functions and applications
  • Enables multi-site change management and agility