Cloud-enabled AVEVA LFM makes 3D data capture management simple, secure, and accessible.

AVEVA LFM is a 3D data capture solution for registering, processing, and visualizing point cloud data across the asset life cycle. It enables surveyors, engineers, and asset owners to bring point cloud data together and collaborate on a single data source. Information captured in this way can be shared and used by data stakeholders throughout the asset lifecycle.

AVEVA LFM allows users to access digital assets without having to physical visit the site. They can create highly accurate deliverables by integrating as-built data into 2D and 3D models. This ultimately helps business save time, cut costs, and reduce risks with minimized rework, less site visits, and higher accuracy.

Key features of AVEVA LFM include…

  • Registration – Scan data is registered from a comprehensive list of compatible laser scan and 3D data capture devices; cloud-to-cloud targetless registration is also available
  • Validation – Smart tools validate data automatically as it’s added to the dataset; registration validation allows users to check error values and uses a traffic light system for customized thresholds
  • Data management – Users are able to identify and focus on high value areas, hide unwanted data, and keep data alive by incrementally updating datasets with new scans
  • Visualization – BubbleView, HyperBubble, and Solid Pointcloud provide different levels of data visualization
  • Deliverables – Data is exported into CAD packages, creating accurate and trustworthy deliverables that can be securely shared across the globe
  • CAD object integration – CAD objects can be brought into point cloud datasets from compatible packages
  • CAD object creation – As-built 3D CAD models can be semi-automatically created from as-built data
  • Added intelligence – Users are able to tag locations with intelligent data such as labels and links to documents within the point cloud model
  • Cloud-enabled – Storage and computational power are offloaded to cloud services; AVEVA Connect platform makes for easy access and management in a secure data environment
  • Tablet-enabled – Point cloud data can be accessed from mobile devices, even offline when network connections are unavailable

Learn more on AVEVA’s website.

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