AVEVA Insight

AVEVA Insight is a cloud-based industrial data solution that gives organizations complete visibility of operations and assets.

AVEVA Insight provides actionable information and artificial intelligence capabilities to help improve asset reliability and operational performance. It’s simple to onboard, simple to use, and requires significantly lower IT costs to get started.

The solution provides access to contextualized data from multiple sources in a single cloud environment. It helps improve collaboration, as it connects workers with a single source of truth and has customized alerts for better, faster decision-making.  AVEVA Insight also improves asset reliability and operational performance, allowing you to respond to anomalies earlier and identify efficiency gains with its artificial intelligence and sophisticated analytics features. Its digital twin approach means increased operational agility, resilience, and sustainability.

Key features include…

  • Connectivity to 300+ industry standard drivers
  • Built in publishers for 30+ AVEVA and Wonderware products
  • Restful API for data access and integration
  • Secure access from any location and device
  • Search based navigation
  • Time series analysis
  • Process graphics
  • Geolocation/mapping
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Condition management, alerts, and notifications
  • Newsfeed with out-of-the-box unsupervised machine learning
  • Asset efficiency analysis
  • Growing range of fully integrated add-ons, making it easy to tailor AVEVA Insight to your needs

Learn more on AVEVA’s website.

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