AVEVA Discrete Lean Management

AVEVA Discrete Lean Management improves productivity, flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness through a set of ready to use digital lean and work management tools.

This set of digital tools will help you quickly adopt proven industry standard Lean practices to reduce production losses and to continuously improve discrete production line effectiveness.

Key features of AVEVA Discrete Lean Management include…

  • Performance management – Capture labor and equipment effectiveness KPIs and loss reasons for dashboard visualization, reporting, and root cause analysis
  • Andon – Production issues notification and dashboard visualization to prevent or reduce production losses through effective response and team collaboration
  • Work order management – Digital and centralized production work order management and allocation to production lines for execution reporting and tracking
  • Digital work instruction – Paperless step by step work instructions, documents and videos, in a product context
  • Localization – The graphical interface and messages are available in English. Additional user interface translations can be added by uploading a .csv file
  • Interoperability – Integrate with external equipment and systems via standard interfaces (OPC, SQL), as well as to native drivers to industrial TCP/IP protocols for connectivity with email servers (SMTP), RFID card readers (User Authentication), PLCs and automation devices, and barcode readers

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