AVEVA Development Studio

AVEVA (formerly Wonderware) Development Studio provides a unified engineering environment for all supervisory SCADA, HMI, and MES application development.

Engineers developing supervisory SCADA and HMI applications often vary greatly in their design practices, which can lead to high redesign and maintenance costs. This is why the AVEVA Development Studio was created- to help your team drive long term standardization and best practices.

Some key benefits of the AVEVA Development studio include…

  • Reduced engineering time, costs, and errors
  • More collaborative and productive team development
  • Better standards and consistency across applications
  • Engineering investment protection of prior applications development
  • Simple management and installation of all applications

AVEVA Development Studio also includes access to Integration Studio, an infrastructure-as-a-service development environment. Integration Studio is a cloud-based sandbox in which you can quickly create, scale, and archive projects.

Learn more on AVEVA’s website.

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