AVEVA Communication Drivers

As a part of AVEVA’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) strategy, Communication Drivers allow for seamless integration of a growing number of devices.

Expanding connectivity and increasing data value have become vitally important as companies strive to leverage real benefits from the IoT/IIoT, big data and cloud technologies. Yet connecting and integrating disparate devices to the Supervisory HMI, SCADA systems and the Historian databases remains a challenge for many organizations, particularly in the manufacturing domain. AVEVA’s Communication Drivers provide a single, hardware-independent platform that helps you improve standards, simplify configuration, promote consistency, and maximize communication uptime.

Key benefits of the AVEVA Communication Drivers include…

  • Broader connectivity spectrum with web-based and cloud applications
  • Seamless integration between InTouch, System Platform, Historian and PLCs
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved scalability and reduced application costs
  • Support for multiple Device Integration Server versions on a single node
  • Elimination of single points of failure
  • High availability for greater communication uptime, reduced downtime
  • Single node side-by-side compatibility
  • Support for OPC-UA and MQTT communication protocols
  • Auto-Build support for Allen Bradley, Siemens PLCs
  • Secure encrypted communications

AVEVA Communication Drivers are hardware independent, so you have the flexibility to connect to any device or PLC with a uniform, intuitive interface efficiently and hassle-free.

Communication Drivers can help increase the availability of built-in system diagnostics for prompt troubleshooting and optimization. Designed to support multi-instance capability, our device integration solution can help you reduce PLC connectivity configuration effort by almost 50 percent. Communication Drivers are offered stand-alone and bundled with other offerings.

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