AVEVA Batch Management

AVEVA Batch Management software allows users to effectively manage flexible, multi-stream, and multi-product batch operations found in process industries.

Using this solution, manufacturers improve yields through better product quality and operational efficiency. Recipe and batch management standardization across plants also enables companies to reduce time to market.

AVEVA Batch Management has tremendous business value, its benefits including…

  • Consistent quality to recipe specification
  • Reduced risk associated with complex products and product variations
  • Increased asset utilization and operational efficiency
  • Empowering process engineers to create and modify recipes
  • Faster time to market for new products
  • Reduced cost of regulatory compliance
  • Multi-site recipe and batch management standardization

Consistent quality and maximum asset utilization

AVEVA Batch Management software excels in automating complex batch processes and maximizing the use of available plant capacity by simultaneously managing concurrent batch execution on networked equipment. It coordinates the processing of batches with the control system, provides interfaces to operators, and captures batch and material tractability records into its historical database.

Material management and traceability

AVEVA’s software is unique in its process capability model, going beyond ISA-88 to include connections to the equipment and transfer phases. The comprehensive material model eases process modeling and enhances batch management capabilities. It enables the batch engine to manage flexible product paths, allowing simultaneous batch execution while documenting all material flows with detailed material traceability records.

Electronic Batch Record (EBR) automation

The software offers comprehensive batch execution and equipment history with a full product genealogy and material traceability record, and comes with a large set of interactive web-based reports off the shelf.

Rapid process modelling

Recipe management is based on the ISA-88 Process Model by defining the plant’s equipment and processing capabilities as well as its control and information requirements. Once the process model is defined, recipes can be easily created, modified and simulated without any lines of control code.

Flexible recipe management

Equipped with easy to use configuration tools, process engineers can quickly create or change recipe procedures and formulas without any expertise in the underlying control systems. AVEVA Batch Management uses a defined interface to phase control blocks, eliminating the needs to change control code with recipe procedure changes.

Multi-site standardization

Fully control system independent the software allows for standardization of recipe and batch management across multiple plants. Recipes or formula variations can be quickly adopted across individual plants. Such standardization helps to streamline the new product introduction (NPI) process and makes organizations more agile in responding to changes in market demand.

Regulatory compliance

Built-in role based security and electronic done by/check by signatures contribute to a comprehensive Electronic Batch Record (EBR) in accordance with requirements found in industry regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP (EudraLex, Volume 4, Annex 11).

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Batch Management Server – Windows Server 2012 or newer, Standard or Data Center Edition

Batch Management Clients – Windows 8.1 or newer, Professional or Enterprise Edition (32-Bit and 64-Bit)

Database technology – Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or newer, Express, Standard, or Enterprise Edition

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