AutoSave for System Platform

AutoSave for System Platform captures all object changes as they are made, meaning the user can “undo” the change and restore object data such as graphics, templates, instances, and more.

With this control over object changes, AutoSave enables users to…

AutoSave adds significant value to your existing AVEVA System Platform investment, extending audit tracking capabilities, lowering risk, and increasing control. It ensures that intellectual property in the system is retained and promotes greater experimentation during the design phases.

Installation of the software is a straight-forward process, starting with an automated export of data from the Wonderware Galaxy Repository into the AutoSave system. Once installed, the AutoSave for System Platform works in the background and is updated whenever changes occur in the Wonderware Galaxy Repository.

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Type: Software

Optimized scenario: Object-level change management for System Platform that provides a robust audit trail, enabling engineers to compare and “undo” changes to objects, templates, and instances within System Platform

Available on: PC

Languages: English

System Requirements: Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server

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