InduSoft Web Studio is now part of the AVEVA portfolio

AVEVA recently announced that InduSoft Web Studio has officially joined its suite of software solutions. As the region’s select AVEVA distributor, we’re excited to be your new InduSoft provider.

During this transition, InduSoft Web Studio will eventually be taking on the new name AVEVA Edge. These products are functionally identical, but AVEVA Edge provides an updated look and feel, along with all the benefits of being a customer within the AVEVA Partner Network.

Learn more about the announcement here >


In addition to the features and benefits available to you as an InduSoft customer, AVEVA has a significant amount of new offerings, including…

  • A wider selection of licensing options, including unlimited and subscription licensing
  • Larger support teams– InduSoft users now have access to the AVEVA support and services program known as AVEVA Customer FIRST
  • Native integration with AVEVA’s entire portfolio
  • A path to build upon previous investments and create state-of-the-art operations solutions

No upgrades are needed to continue to use your software. However, all future product releases and enhancements will be released under the AVEVA Edge name. Product procurement and support will be handled by ATR Automation, your local, full-portfolio AVEVA distributor.

Have questions? Reach out to us any time via our website, through email at contact@atrautomation, or by phone at 513-353-1800. We’re happy to help!